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Healthy Eating When You're In a Rush + A GIVEAWAY

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received some free goods to try out from Sweet Earth. 

I'm a busy lady. Granted, I wasn't terribly busy last week since I spent most of it in bed, miserable with strep throat. Seriously, how am I getting strep throat in my 30s? I don't even think I got it in my 20s! Fortunately, I'm mostly over strep now. Good grief! Thanks to all of you guys who sent me well wishes while my dramatic self was seemingly on her death bed.

Okay, so back to the business at hand. I'm usually a very busy lady. Between work, volleyball (organizing the club and playing), indoor cycling, and ya know, my demanding day (and often times evening and weekends) job, I often have a hard time remembering to eat, or having something quick, easy, and healthy available when I need it. On weeks where I don't have time to grab lunch, and I work so long during the day that it runs up against my evening events, the struggle to make healthy decisions is real!

Sweat Pink DMV: Cyclebar Event

Two weeks ago, I joined my Sweat Pink DMV sisters and my buddy Esther for a breast cancer awareness event at Cyclebar in Arlington, Virginia. There was so much positive energy and sweat at the event, and I hope we raised a good chunk of change for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Because this was a Sweat Pink DMV event, I got a chance to catch up with my girl Vida of Healthy Curves Rock. I met her at Blogfest this year, and she always cracks me up! It was also Esther's first indoor cycling class ever!

This was my second experience at Cyclebar, but my first time at the Columbia Pike Cyclebar in Arlington, Virginia. (My first time was in NoMa in DC.) I have enjoyed both Cyclebar experiences, though I do have a few qualms. Mainly, I love that the studios are very clean and inviting, and that they email you your stats PLUS the playlist from the ride. I also love that they use Schwinn bikes, since those are the ones I used during my certification and they don't carry them at my gym.

What I Did This Week

Let me start by giving myself a pat on the back: I got in a LOT of fitness last week, and it felt GREAT!

Sunday: Coed Volleyball
I love my Sunday team. Seriously. We just have such a great time, and play some pretty good ball. I genuinely enjoy spending time with my teammates outside of the gym, and they're just cool, good people. I would take a team like my Sunday team over a team that wins a lot but can't stand each other any day. I'm too old to be miserable in my free time!

My shoulder has been feeling a lot better, so I've been practicing my overhand serve again, and managed to serve a few last week. I was sore from my tournament on Saturday, so I didn't go overboard, but I'm hopeful! I'm debating whether I want to try out some yoga this upcoming week. My follow-up appointment with my sports orthopedist got pushed back a couple of weeks because he's been sick, and I'm getting antsy. We'll see how this week shapes out, and I'll keep you guys posted.

Why Was My Spin Class So Lit?

I took a spin class on Saturday that was quite possibly the most lit spin class I have ever taken. I didn't know it when I arrived, but it was just what I needed to sweat out the week's exhaustion, aggravation, negativity, and full-moon-induced craziness.

I had taken Gina's class before, but never on a Saturday. Her Wednesday class gets packed, so you have to sign up the night before if you don't want to get waitlisted! Of all the indoor cycling instructors at my gym, her playlist is most like my own musical preferences: It's eclectic, with pop songs from the 80s to now, EDM, salsa, and even a song from Bollywood! On this day in particular, she had connected her laptop to the monitor that projects behind her, and it was playing the music videos for each song we heard, which just added some extra fun to the class. I had never seen that before!

Let me back up. You guys know I'm always getting ahead of myself in my storytelling!

48 Hours of Chaos

When was the last time you were so busy, you forgot to eat? You just go about your day, hustlin' and bustlin', and when it comes time to just sit down and put your feet up, you ask yourself, did I eat today?

This happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.

Sometimes, it's work related. I have back-to-back meetings, followed by catching up on emails, followed by returning phone calls, and the next thing I know, it' 6 p.m. and I haven't eaten, and I have a volleyball game coming up! Today, I had a lot of phone calls and emails, and had to run from work to a volleyball game, followed by another volleyball game on the other side of town! You don't even want to know how sweaty I got this evening. So foul...

Because my days can sometimes be pretty unpredictable, I've been stocking up my office fridge (plus one drawer in my desk) with some pick-me-ups that can deliver a punch of nutrition and energy when I only have a minute to fuel the old bod.

Don't You Wanna Prana Fall Outfit?

jumping for joy
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by prAna. I received an outfit in exchange for a review of their Fall line. 

A lot has changed since my last post about prAna! I graduated from just barely being able to hit the Chaturanga pose, to being able to hit it with ease, to my minor setback of being banned from doing it at all right now (lame!); I have had minimal wardrobe malfunctions in fitness classes (can't win 'em all, folks); I love being a Sweat Pink Ambassador even more - especially as I've met more of my SPA sistahs IRL over the last year and a half - and the opportunity to check out prAna's fall line makes me love it even more!

I Am Banned from Yoga Right Now, And You Better Believe I'm Salty

Okay, banned is probably not the right word, but that's how it feels! I've been having issues with my rotator cuff, and the doctor I saw yesterday prescribed me physical therapy, only underhand serving in volleyball (like I'm a 9-year old or a 90-year old), and NO YOGA. #firstworldproblems

I'm not actually sure how I injured my rotator cuff, to be honest. It's possible that I hurt it during volleyball, but it's also possible that I hurt it during this one yoga class where the instructor pressed down on my shoulder a little bit too hard. Needless to say, there wasn't a particular incident where I can say, "yeah, I definitely hurt it then!"
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