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Discover Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival GIVEAWAY!

Discover Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival Giveaway

I am so pumped to check out the Discover Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival next month! I am going with a group of friends, and am planning to get my sweat on all afternoon! I love a good fitness/wellness festival. Lots of smiling faces, plenty of people who are into trying out new workouts and food, and of course, all the endorphins! This festival is hosted by Discover the District, and features 4 hours of awesome workouts from great studios. I have done some Sweat Pink DMV workouts at a number of the places, and have never left disappointed! It's so funny to me that Arlington, VA has become a go-to spot for workouts. I grew up in the DC Metro Area, and it's always funny for me to see how much the area has changed over the time. Arlington is definitely way cooler now than it was when I was growing up, and even when I was fresh out of college. 

Fit Review: Living Frelii

As you guys know, I have been working on my fitness and weight loss goals extra hard this year. I'm down nearly 20 pounds, I'm stronger and leaner, and my energy level has been much higher. Overall, I'm feeling great!

We're almost a quarter of the way through 2018 (can you believe that?!), and now is the time when I really have to stay focused because this is where I hit a slump. Things get wicked busy at work, there are no 3-days weekends until Memorial Day, and the weather is pretty janky. As far as my health and fitness goes, this is crunch time. These are the extra innings! If I'm not focused now, this could determine how my summer will be, which often determines how I will end the year. Translation: If I start getting lazy and making excuses now, I will be sabotaging all of my hard work, and it will be hard to recover!

[solidcore] Rocked My Core!

Last week, I took my first beginner's class at [solidcore]. This morning, I took my first real class. I have one word to summarize both experiences: Sweat.

My volleyball friends know that I'm not much of a sweater. I never have been, really. I'm not sure why, but it's never bothered me! I know that I have worked super, duper, DUPER hard in a workout if I have any visible sweat -- even if it's just a couple of beads of sweat. When I tried [solidcore] last week, I was dripping with sweat. Like, it was really gross. I thought it was going to be easy, but boy was I wrong. I didn't learn my lesson from when I took Pilates reformer at my gym, so maybe I'll never learn to stop underestimating workouts?

DC Bucket List

If you've been following me on the 'Gram, you know that I've been loving the Fitt (and especially FittDC) website! I've been checking out their Official DC Fitness Bucket List, and thought I would recap some of my experiences on this #ThrowbackThursday, and brainstorm some of the items on the list I haven't done yet.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I love Instagram. Yeah, I said it. On Instagram, I see photos of all different kinds of workouts and boutiques, and it always inspires me to try out new things. But recently, Instagram did me dirty. It led me to believe that something would be so easy, and that I would look so strong and powerful while doing it. Well, to that I say: You sleep in a bed of lies, Instagram!

Happy Birthday...

...to me!

Okay, just had to get that out of my system. Yes, it's my birthday, and yes, despite it falling on a weekday this year, I enjoyed it tremendously. But... I'm not done celebrating.

Nokia - Nostalgia and Futurism

How many of you guys had a Nokia phone back in the day? (Any Millennials in the house?) Man, my Nokia phone was clutch! The battery lasted for like eleven billion years, that sucker was prepaid, and it was the most solid phone I've ever owned. It's probably still alive somewhere, with one bar of battery left.

When I think of Nokia, I get a bit nostalgic. The brand got me through some rough times (middle school, high school, and even part of college), I gotta tell ya. So, when I learned about this opportunity to review their new Body+ scale, I jumped at it! I trust the Nokia name, and I know they don't play around with battery life and durability.
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