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Do You Want to Work Out with Michelle Obama's Trainer?

woman reverse lunge with overhead reach

That's a question I was asked earlier this week. I couldn't believe it! Of course, I said "yes" because let's be real -- Michelle Obama's arms are on the vision board I keep stored in my mind. Her arms are practically my life goals. And so, I will be working out with Michelle Obama's personal trainer next month!

Do you want to work out with Michelle Obama's trainer? Well, it's possible!

My BlogFest 2018 Opus

Some of the hardworking ladies behind Fit Approach + me!  They are the best! 
BlogFest always reinvigorates my soul. Being around so many positive, motivational people gives me the energy recharge and focus shift that my mind requires each summer, it seems.

There is just so much that happens during BlogFest that it's hard to put it all into words. A lot of it is feelings. I have felt like my heart has been glowing since the final hug goodbye of the conference, and I'm going to keep this glow for as long as I can!

Let me start with the basics: BlogFest is a 2-day conference within a conference that takes place during IDEA World. To attend the conference, you apply earlier in the year. If selected, you get to attend BlogFest for free, but you also get a free entry into IDEA World (I know!). BlogFest is primarily for health/fitness/wellness influencers.

I'm not going to go through the full rundown of every little thing in this post. I really need a few posts to get through everything I experienced (and am still experiencing), but I want to go through an overview of our sessions, and I'm going to focus just on the two days of BlogFest. (You can also check out my Instagram story highlight on BlogFest for some more behind-the-scenes info.)

Why I Love prAna

prana outfit

Two words: social responsibility. 

I haven't had much brand loyalty when it comes to my general workout clothes. With my volleyball clothes, I definitely have specific pieces I buy, because I'm a creature of habit when it comes to the sport I've been playing for almost 25 years. I need very specific items for volleyball that aren't going to shift or irritate me when I'm setting or diving or what have you. With all of my other workouts, aside from weather-related consideration, I'm not too picky with my clothes. For indoor cycling classes, I want to make sure I'm not sliding all over the seat, but aside from that, as long as it fits and wicks sweat, I haven't been terribly worried.

That is, of course, until I fell in love with prAna

9 Simple Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

9 simple changes for a healthier lifestyle

People often think that there's a quick fix to losing weight or hitting your health/fitness goals, and the answer is that there isn't: It takes a lot of hard work and habit changes to lose weight safely and sustainably. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that you can't make small changes now to change your mindset and bad habits!

Below, you'll find 9 simple changes you can make today to start living a healthier life.

Vixen Workout at The Fitness Snob

Working on the "Hunger Pose" while trying to smize with Nikki Major
Yesterday, I took my first ever Vixen Workout class with Master Instructor Nikki Major. It was a great workout that pushed the limits of my comfort zone. The class was hosted at The Fitness Snob - self-described as the WeWork of fitness studios.

I could use a lot of words to describe myself, but sexy sure ain't one of 'em! This class was a dance workout that had some sexy, feminine dance elements, that I was sure I did mostly wrong, but I came out of class feeling a little sexier than when I walked in!

5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Sweat Pink Ambassador

Exactly two weeks from today, I'm going to be in San Diego for Blogfest and IDEA World! This will be my third year in a row at the conference, and the first time I will travel to San Diego. I can't wait! Last year's conference was in Las Vegas, and the 2016 conference was in Los Angeles. I'm hoping they'll come to the East Coast at some point, but until then, I will fly my butt out west because I absolutely LOVE Blogfest!

Anyway, back to the reason I'm posting today! I thought that today was as good a day as any to explain why I love Sweat Pink/Fit Approach (our Blogfest hosts) so much, and why I love being a Sweat Pink Ambassador.

Shoot My Travel: Re-Imagining Your City

I was born and raised in the Washington, DC Metro Area. I went to college in Brooklyn, New York, but I came back to the area after college and have lived here since. I love this area! There is so much history, power, and beauty in DC, despite the bad rep it gets due to the national political climate.

One thing that I think is true of a lot of people who have grown up in major metropolitan areas is that you end up not getting to do/see a lot of the touristy things in your city. You tend to take them for granted. When I was younger, my parents made sure that I visited various landmarks, museums, memorials, and other historic sites in the area. It really made growing up in the shadow of the nation's capital a pretty cool experience. Now that I'm an adult, I find that I don't get to do as much sightseeing in DC as I'd like, and on the rare occasion that I do, it feels like I'm experiencing it all for the first time.

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