Monday, August 18, 2014

#AwesomeInAugust ENERGYbits Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The People You Meet On Runs

Last night, I went on a great run. I know four miles aren't impressive to just about any of the bloggers I follow, but it's a good distance for me. I consider it one of my long runs, and while I'm fairly certain I can push myself to do six miles the next time I run (time permitting), the fact that I ran four miles on a weekday evening, in the middle of a hectic week, made me very proud of myself.

I ran through Sligo Creek Park, and in and out of Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. The weather was great, and there were lots of people out running, playing tennis, walking their dogs, cycling, throwing frisbees -- you name it! For me, it's always nice to be around people who are being active. You can sort of absorb some of that energy, and it helps you stay motivated during your workout.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Workout Wednesdays: Workout Fuel (Plus the ENERGYbits #Giveaway Continues!)

Happy Hump Day!

I hope you were able to power through the first half of the week, and that you have smooth sailing the rest of the week!

I, for one, have had a wicked busy week, y'all. Homegirl is tired! But, never fear! I leave for a conference in Ocean City tomorrow, so I plan to go on a beach run Friday morning, and get some sun and sand after the conference ends. Sun Rays, send me your love!

Today, like many Wednesdays past, I am linking up for the Workout Wednesday Linkup (#wowlinkup), hosted by the lovely and knowledgeable Diatta from Femme Fatale Fit Club and Sheila from The Frugal Exerciser.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Workout Wednesdays: Let Me Overwhelm You (Plus, Another #AwesomeInAugust Giveaway Revealed!)

Hello! I am Alexis. Please, let me overwhelm you. Is that rude?

Because I haven't posted in nearly a week, I thought it would be good to remind you about my first Instagram challenge, and introduce you to another sponsored giveaway I'm running as part of the challenge. Man! I've been so busy with making sure that I follow through with #AwesomeInAugust that I forgot to post on the blog! Whoops. I've also been running all over town, literally! I went for my first solo trail run this past weekend (and lost my iPod in the process), and have even been waking up early to go for a run or to the gym (and without an alarm clock, miraculously). Excuses, excuses. I'll do better next week, dear reader, I promise!

Without further ado, prepare to be overwhelmed with giveaways!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fit Review: Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

If you're a regular Flecks of Lex reader, you know that I struggle in the morning. I really, really want to be one of those people who can wake up early, eat breakfast, go for a run, take a shower, get dressed up like they're about to hit the read carpet, write a dissertation, and then go to work and carry on about their day like they didn't wake up at an absurd hour. I am not one of those people, though. I need a little help to wake me up in the morning. Usually, that aid is coffee. That, of course, requires me to get up and get ready and go to Starbucks. Not the best strategy, right?

Well, little did I know that I was going to soon experience a new energizer that would give me that extra push in the morning that I've been missing.

When I wake up in the morning, I can barely even open my eyes. I look like some sort of mole with an afro. I received a box of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer from the company (in exchange for this unbiased review), and read the instructions the evening I received it. It sounded pretty sweet. Basically, about 20 minutes prior to working out, you mix the powder in with cold water, stir, and drink. The packaging claimed that it was supposed to enhance your mental focus, increase your endurance, and provide you with immediate and sustained energy. Yeah right, I thought.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Workout Wednesday: #AwesomeInAugust Instagram Challenge

I am just going to straight up brag: I have some awesome readers! You guys are always sharing pointers and fun info with me. I love it! I appreciate you! And because I appreciate your awesomeness, I am going to be hosting my first ever Instagram challenge, wherein I will gloat about you, and celebrate you with giveaways!

Now, I know keeping up with your workout regimen in August can be extremely challenging. Here in the Washington Metropolitan Area, August is usually the sweatiest, grossest, most miserable summer month. A few years ago, I spent what felt like the entire month of August wearing maxi dresses, secretly sweating profusely under those dresses (whilst looking fabulous, of course). In addition to the heat, this is often the last chance people get to take vacation time before things start getting busy again with work and personal lives. It's understandable that so many people let their routines fall by the wayside; however, we're not going to let that happen this year, right?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Do You Wear Lifting Gloves?

More important question: Do you even lift, bro? Just kidding!

I love to wear gloves when I lift, for a number of reasons. For starters, they protect your hands from getting gnarly blisters. With my line of work, I have to shake a lot of hands. There is nothing worse than shaking a disgusting hand, whether that hand is slimy, ashy, crackly... you name it! (This is the main reason why I carry hand sanitizer when I have work events.) Another great benefit of wearing lifting gloves is that they provide you with some padding when you're lifting. Have you ever lifted a heavy amount, or done a difficult move, where it feels like someone is punching you in the palm of your hand? No? Maybe you should try doing a few sets of these, because you will totally understand.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Race Recap: 5K Foam Fest (plus, a discount code!)

Full disclosure: As part of the Foam Fanatics ambassador program, I received one free entry for a race in the city of my choice.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in what I can only describe as one of the most physically challenging activities I've done in a very long time: I ran the 5K Foam Fest. There was lots of foam, and even more mud, but overall, it was such a fun experience!

I believed I had prepared myself for this race, but little did I know how difficult the race would actually be...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Workout Wishlist

I did it again, you guys! I woke up early enough that I didn't have to sprint out of my house with goose feathers in my hair! Why goose feathers? Fun fact: I sleep with a down comforter year-round! Weird? Maybe, but I'm always cold!

I was reading this article from Women's Health, which got me thinking about what I would love to have when I work out -- especially when I am a good little fitness blogger and wake up early.

So, let's get to it, shall we? Here are five things I would love to have to help me with my workouts:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Meatless Monday: Zucchini Noodles and Tofu "Bolognese" Sauce

Zucchini noodles
Every Monday, I tell myself that I'm going to make it a Meatless Monday. Of course, this normally devolves as soon as I eat the first meal of the day. (Oops!)

Today, I decided to suck it up and just do it. I don't have any real health reasons for such a decision. For me, it's more about discipline, and trying new recipes. I've always loved vegetables, but man do I love some fish and poultry! It's amazing how you can be challenged with cooking as soon as you remove a protein with which you're used to cooking!

Though I've been craving grilled cheese all day (ALL DAY), I decided that I needed a little more sustenance for dinner. What to make... what to make... Oh, I know! Zucchini noodles!


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