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Don't You Wanna Prana Fall Outfit?

jumping for joy
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by prAna. I received an outfit in exchange for a review of their Fall line. 

A lot has changed since my last post about prAna! I graduated from just barely being able to hit the Chaturanga pose, to being able to hit it with ease, to my minor setback of being banned from doing it at all right now (lame!); I have had minimal wardrobe malfunctions in fitness classes (can't win 'em all, folks); I love being a Sweat Pink Ambassador even more - especially as I've met more of my SPA sistahs IRL over the last year and a half - and the opportunity to check out prAna's fall line makes me love it even more!

I Am Banned from Yoga Right Now, And You Better Believe I'm Salty

Okay, banned is probably not the right word, but that's how it feels! I've been having issues with my rotator cuff, and the doctor I saw yesterday prescribed me physical therapy, only underhand serving in volleyball (like I'm a 9-year old or a 90-year old), and NO YOGA. #firstworldproblems

I'm not actually sure how I injured my rotator cuff, to be honest. It's possible that I hurt it during volleyball, but it's also possible that I hurt it during this one yoga class where the instructor pressed down on my shoulder a little bit too hard. Needless to say, there wasn't a particular incident where I can say, "yeah, I definitely hurt it then!"

Gerolsteiner Instagram Takeover

My Instagram takeover was sponsored by Gerolsteiner USA, but not this blog post.

Good morning, lovelies!

Just poppin' in to tell you guys that I'm taking over the Gerolsteiner USA Instagram page today! I'll be sharing photos and tidbits throughout the day today, and I didn't want you guys to miss out! I encourage you to hop on over to learn all about this awesome sparkling water, and be sure to enter their Sparkling Detox Challenge while you're over there! (More info here.)

I hope everyone enjoys their hump day!


Disclosure: I received RXBARs and a Vitamin Shoppe gift card in exchange for a review and giveaway, but all thoughts shared in this post are my own. Seriously. Some of the sentences you're about to read are so corny, you couldn't pay anyone to write them. 

When I was going through my first Whole 30, I kept hearing about these things called RXBARs. I thought they were some type of herbal remedy or something (can you blame me?), but soon learned that I was wayyyyy wrong. I had never seen them, and every time I came across the name in my reading on the Whole 30, I grew more intrigued. One day, about halfway through my first Whole 30, I spotted them in a local organic market, and knew I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Oh. My. Lanta.

Fit Review: Go Dash Dot

First things first: The bag I purchased last month and has become my new everything bag is called the Infinity Bag and It. Is. Amazing. This bag is eye catching and is so different from every other bag I own. I've been rocking it everywhere!

So... the brand name is Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash, but they go by Go Dash Dot on social media. What's up with that name? It actually made me stop at their booth at the IDEA World Expo because I had to know what the heck that meant! According to the founder, it means "go" in Morse code. Once I learned that, I was totally interested in learning more about the company! #nerdalert

I'm a Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor!

You read that right, friends: I did it! I got certified! The day before the official kickoff of Blogfest was the day of certifications. Some of my friends got certified to teach Strong by Zumba (which is really fun, and you should totally try it. Disclaimer: It is not dancing!), others obtained their certifications in other subjects, but I was all in on the Schwinn!

Fortunately for me, I was still on Eastern Standard Time, because the class began at 8 a.m., and we all know I ain't a morning person.

Celebrate National Farmers Market Week


This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for shopping at the Farmers Market, but all thoughts, purchasing decisions, and photos are my own!

Do you guys have farmers markets in your area? Did you know National Farmers Market Week is coming up in just a few weeks (August 6-12)?

I recently had the fortune of shopping at the Pike Central Farm Market at Pike & Rose recently, and I fell in love! I love farmers markets because you get to buy fresh, local ingredients, and you often learn about businesses and foods that you might never hear of otherwise. I went with my good friend Judy. We stopped by after free yoga at the new REI and brunch at Owen's Ordinary. I wanted to pick up some ingredients I'd never cooked with so that I could make something different for dinner for the next week or two, and Judy was down for a stroll around the market.

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