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My Favorite New Soap Company

A few months back, I attended the Discover Arlington Fitness + Wellness Festival. I got to try a bunch of new (to me) workouts, and I also got to sample some new food, beverages, and beauty products. One of the beauty tables that kept my attention: All That Yazz! I am absolutely in love with All That Yazz soaps and other products. I have very sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful with soaps. Fortunately, these homemade, all-natural soaps feel great on my skin, are better for the environment than what I might normally buy (especially with its minimalist, recyclable packaging), and have delicate scents that are not overwhelming or skin-irritating. Furthermore, the fact that Yasmine does not use palm oil in her soaps is a plus-plus-plus!

The Immortal Body Workout with Cornell McClellan

Last week, I took my first class with Cornell McClellan - personal trainer to the Obamas for over two decades - at Fitness Snob Studio. I wanted to learn more about his Immortal Body Workout, as well as some exercises and tips to help me get closer to those coveted Michelle Obama Arms. The class was great for all fitness levels, Cornell was engaging, and I learned some new exercises and corrections to exercises I thought I was doing right all along.

I loved learning new exercises, as well as different modifications and variations to the exercises I've been incorporating into my workouts. (Check out this Instagram video I made with the inchworm variation we did during the class.) Cornell made everyone in the class feel comfortable but also encouraged us to push ourselves throughout the class. He gave us a lot of cues to make sure we were completing each exercise correctly - even if we were all going at different paces.

My Experience with a Plant Based Yogurt Alternative

This post is sponsored by Vega, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own based on my truthful experience.

I am not a morning person. At. All. But I am a night person, which means that a lot of the workouts I do are in the evening/nighttime, which is not necessarily ideal for making smart food decisions. I have made a lot of bad choices after late-night volleyball games, but I’ve really been making great strides at having lighter, protein-rich snacks/meals at night.

Lately, I’ve been gobbling up the new Vega Protein Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative. This is a plant-based yogurt alternative that has the highest protein per serving of any plant-based yogurt alternative on the market - 13 grams per serving! Your body needs carbs and protein after an intense workout to repair your muscles, and this yogurt alternative is a great way to hit both! Plus, it tastes pretty good! (It comes in raspberry, blueberry, vanilla, and strawberry flavors.) This is a brand with many products I’ve tried - particularly when I’m looking for plant-based alternatives.

Dear #SparklingDetox, Challenge Accepted

With some challenges, I look them directly in the eyes and say, "challenge accepted!" With others, I raise my eyebrows, cock my head to the side, blink very slowly and dramatically (think Titus Andromedon), and say, "you gone do what to who?" When I first hear about the Sparkling Detox Challenge, my reaction was initially the latter. I can only drink sparkling water? No sweet tea? No lemonade? No coffee? NO CARAMEL MACCHIATOS? What is this sorcery?!

Once I chilled out, I thought, hmmm. You know what? I can go 5 days without drinking anything but sparkling water. Stop being a crybaby! And so I did.

Taking On The #SparklingDetox Challenge

It has been super hot and super rainy in Maryland for the last month. Like, super hot and super rainy. And, if you’ve been following along with my social media posts, you know that I’ve been working really hard at my fitness these days. Like super hard!

I now have almost double-digit indoor cycling classes under my belt as an instructor (number 10 is tonight!), I’ve been practicing HIIT classes with friends, and I even just got certified to teach APEX classes. Needless to say, with all of the sweating and excessive heat going on, your girl has had to focus on hydration.

My Honest Opinion of Honest Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, I attended BlogHer in New York City. It was a fun opportunity to get out of the area for a couple of days, connect with other content creators and influencers, and see some friends. While I wish I could have gotten a bit more from the conference itself, I did get an opportunity to hear from some great speakers and try out some brands for the first time.

One brand that I had an opportunity to try was Honest Beauty - Jessica Alba's beauty line from her Honest Company. They partnered with The Glam App to set up a makeup booth where BlogHer attendees could get their makeup done, and leave the event with a lip crayon, magic beauty balm, and primer.

Studio Review: Vortex in Virginia

posing in front of lockers at indoor cycling studio
Top: Cycled, Leggings: Fabletics, Shoes: TIEM Slipstreams

Recently, I took a class at Vortex Indoor Cycling in Tysons Corner, Virginia. This was my second time at the studio, but it has been at least six months since my last visit.

Vortex is an absolutely gorgeous studio! They are the only studio I've ever visited that uses Stages bikes, which were cool to try out. I love the layout of the cycling studio, this spot is as clean as a whistle, and it's located right next door to the Tysons Corner Metro Station (plus, they validate parking at the garage directly below the studio). But the real cool catch of this spot is that it features a cafe within its walls.

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