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Friday Five: 5 Fitness Trends I'll [Probably] Never Try

 Happy Friday, beautiful people! I hope that you have had a fantastic week, and that your weekend is even fantastic-er!

Today, I'm feeling pretty good, considering that I ran stairs yesterday and agreed to wake up for a super early run with my Ragnar team tomorrow morning. What is wrong with me?

I haven't linked up with the lovely DC Trifecta ladies in a while, so I thought today might be a good day to challenge myself and try to come up with a list. AND, considering that I've now met Cynthia and Mar in real life, I feel especially motivated today! So let's get to it!

Today's theme is: 5 Fitness Trends I'll Never Try. Now, I can't say never, because Brandy once told me to never say never. So, as you can see in the post title, this is a list of five fitness trends I'll probably never try. I'm sorry if any of it sounds negative. I mean this all in pure fun - though I am serious about my varying levels of confusion for these trends. Disagree with my assessment? Share your thoughts in the comments!
  1. Skorts (or "running skirts") - I don't think I'm ever going to understand this. I've heard that it helps with chafing. HOW DOES IT HELP WITH CHAFING IF IT'S NOT SHRINKING YOUR THIGHS OMG?! Seriously. If the shorts underneath are not protecting you from chafing, how the heck can a skirt pull that off? I DON'T GET IT? Like, then why wouldn't I just wear a dress to run? Someone please explain! If it's just for fashion, why won't people just admit that? Like, I get it for tennis because it's cute. But I just don't understand it otherwise. There are a few random ladies at The Volleyball House (where I play a few times a week) who wear skorts to play, and I will never understand this. THAT I can say "never" to. (Sorry, Brandy.)
  2. Paleo - A diet where you can't eat cheese? No thank you.
  3. Getting Electrocuted During a Race - Okay, this might sound misleading, but hear me out. Some of those poop-filled mud runs have obstacles where you get an electric shock. Why would you do this on purpose? Someone please explain this too. You really only need to watch like 10 seconds of this video to see why I don't understand why someone would intentionally do this.

  4. Athleisure - I keep seeing this everywhere, and it is completely confusing. Like, are my lazy, walking around Downtown Silver Spring clothes not trendy enough? Should I be trying harder at looking effortless? The very notion is confusing. And who came up with such a ridiculous word? Athleisure is part of the reason why I am about to break up with Fabletics. Like, can I just get some functional athletic clothing to choose from each month? kthnxbai. Am I player hating on athleisure? Probably. I mean, I don't think I'm fashionable enough to pull off a look where it appears that you're accidentally being fashionable in breathable clothing that will take you from the gym to the museum, all whilst wearing adorable sneakers. #lifegoals
  5. Streaking - I just learned that the term "streaking" might have been coined following a mass nude run at the University of Maryland, giving new meaning to "Fear the Turtle." Ew. Sorry for that one, guys. Anyway, streaking probably isn't considered a trend anymore, but I want you all to know that it's something I don't plan on doing any time soon, so you can be grateful for that. 
What are five fitness trends you have no interest in trying? Should I give any of the ones I listed a try? What are some trends you would like to try?


  1. Haha to not getting electrocuted. I am with you on that! I haven't purchased a running skirt yet..haven't ruled it out, but not on the top of my list of items to buy :) (maybe if I ever do a Disney - which may be awhile).

    1. I just really want someone to explain them to me! If it's just for the sake of being girly, I wish someone would just tell me that! :-|


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