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Naughty or Nice with Three Wishes

I received products from Three Wishes in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts contained in this post are alllll mine.

I love this time of year, and I'm not shy about it! I love wearing festive outfits for holiday parties, Christmas shopping, or just jamming out to holiday music in my room; I love how everyone seems to be in a better mood than any other time of the year; I get caught staring at all of the lights on homes and around town; and of course I love all of the treats!

I received two treats from Three Wishes this week to check out and review for all of you. One was nice, but the other was definitely naughty. Now, let me tell you a little bit about Three Wishes.

Big, big warning here: You should not visit from your work computer! That would be frowned upon at most jobs, I imagine. Three Wishes specializes in lingerie and costumes, but they also carry shoes, makeup, and accessories. So, as tempted as you may be to click that link at work (that is, if you're reading this at work), think about what your boss would think if they caught you checking out lingerie while on the clock. Got it? Good!

Now, another thing you should know is that I'm kind of a prude sometimes. I almost never wear super high heels, I'm not really keen on showing much skin these days, and I don't like my clothes to wear my clothes too tight. Maybe after all of the weight training and weight loss I have in store for 2017, I'll feel differently. Who knows? Maybe at the end of the year I'll be wearing a Burmese python and dancing around my neighborhood in a bikini like Britney Spears? (If I do that, you have my permission to notify the authorities -- any and all authorities.)

That said, when I came across these Sioux High Heel Shoes, I thought they were only a teeny bit out of my comfort zone, but totally perfect for my trip to Key West in a few weeks. Receiving these shoes was such a treat, because for a moment, I was transported to a warmer climate! I started planning out my outfits in my head, and daydreaming sitting out by the ocean, eating some ceviche and drinking margaritas in these super cute shoes.

From the image on the website, I thought they were going to be too high for me, but they actually are a great height for my clumsy self! They were also comfortable and lightweight. These shoes are going to get a lot of use in Key West and over the summer -- I can just feel it!

I was joking with my best friend that, once I get a tan, they'll almost be like nude shoes for me. Okay, so I was probably exaggerating (definitely exaggerating), but they are going to look awesome with a nice tan, plus they're going to look bomb once my legs are like POW! after all of the running and leg days I have ahead of me over the next year.

And speaking of my legs being all POW! this upcoming year: I like to get myself little treats once I hit my goals, and I've definitely earned a treat over the second half of this year. I've worked my butt off with eating much, much cleaner (thank you, Whole 30!), I've started weight training again, and I just feel a heck of a lot better in general. Heck! I've lost almost 20 pounds this year, you guys! That's a big deal! My treats are usually either a new workout outfit (like I need more leggings and tanks) or some new lingerie.

Okay, so enough with the chatter. What's the treat I picked out from Three Wishes to celebrate?

That's right, y'all! I got myself some festive skivvies! If you think it's weird to get yourself lingerie, you're not doing it right! There are so many articles about how you can (and should) wear lingerie just for yourself, ladies! There's this post from Bustle, this funny "research" article from Huffington Post, and countless others extolling empowerment by way of lingerie. I always feel like I stand a little taller when I have some nice skivvies on, even if it's just under my regular work clothes. There's something special about putting on something nice -- and matches -- that only I know is there. Heck, some days, even just the fact that they match means something!

Now, I have not actually tried the outfit on yet (I just got it!). I took it out of the package, steamed everything for the photos, and scoped it out. I'll obviously wash it before I wear it (because, ew, you can't just throw on lingerie without washing it first, people!), but I wanted to see how it compared to what I expected from the pictures online.

I must say: This dress is totally sheer. From the product photo, I didn't realize it was going to be sheer! That, plus the "one size fits most" makes me a little nervous, but I have to live a little, right? Maybe after I wash it, I'll drink some liquid courage and give it a try. I'm not there yet, but maybe I'll be there by New Year's Eve?

If this trial on the naughty side doesn't work this week, I can always go for nice, and save the python for next year, right?

Do you treat yourself when you hit your goals? Do you think lingerie is more for you, or more for another person? Have you been naughty or nice this year?

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  1. I totally treat myself when I meet a goal or sometimes when I have a major let down. (I have a gym clothes addiction.) I also have a ton of lingerie too, but I don't hardly wear it. I think I will have to read that article on Bustle and might try wearing it a little more. Maybe it will boost my confidence a bit. Thanks for sharing that article and the review on three wishes!


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