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My Weekly Recap: Off And Running with Triathlon Training

Today, I'm recapping my last week! I've been trying to join the Weekly Run Down linkup regularly, but this week is a bit hectic with my organization's last major event of the calendar year taking place this week. Even though I missed the linkup cutoff time, I still wanted to share this info with all of you!

So here goes: My last week in workouts, abridged.

Runners Love to Peer Pressure Each Other

I don't know what it is about running, but I swear the peer pressure is so aggressive! I've played team sports my whole life, and these individual sports like running are pretty new to me. Sure, I've had volleyball teammates peer pressure me into all kinds of stuff over the years, but nothing even comes close to what I've encountered in the running world. In the running world, peer pressure feels... extreme.

What am I talking about?

Weekly Run Down: A Little Bit of This and That

I kicked things up a notch this week, but I was still taking it relatively easy. This was the last week for resting my ankle, and I'm ready to get back into running and volleyball in the week ahead. I still have a big secret to reveal to you all this week, so stay tuned!

My November 2019 Goals

Can you believe it's already November?? I know I can't!! 2019 has just flown on by!

But, alas. Here we are. And here are my goals for November 2019 (with the huge caveat being that some of these will require my sprained ankle to be healed first!):

Weekly Run Down - Last Week of October

Last week was filled with a lot of indoor cycling, and not much else. My sprained ankle is still giving me problems, and it's started to make me angry. I just want to run! And do some lower body strength training! Nonetheless, the main thing about sprained ankles is that you just have to rest in order for them to get better. It sucks, and it's easier said than done, but it is what it is!

This week, I'm linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down. Instead of reviewing what I did over the last week, I'm going to be looking forward!

The Last Week of October

I haven't written one of these "what I'm up to this week" posts in a hot minute, so I thought I'd post one today!

Check out the fitness-related activities I'm planning to get into this week! Check out my Instagram stories for more info 

My Second Trail Race Ever: A Recap

Colleen and me high-10ing right after I crossed the finish line. Photo courtesy MCRRC. 
...and my first Low-Key Montgomery County Road Runners Club race!

Last week, at the encouragement of my friend Colleen, I signed back up for the Montgomery County Road Runners Club. It's been a couple of years since I was a member, but something about the encouragement from Colleen, just completing the Ragnar Trail Relay, and a major pending race announcement I've been keeping from you guys had me feeling like it was a no-brainer.
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