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My Honest Fabletics Review

My Honest Fabletics Review
If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve recently partnered with Fabletics on several campaigns. Let me clear be completely clear and transparent: I was a huge fan of Fabletics before they contacted me! I was thirst trapping them for at least two years to no avail. I told anyone who would listen that they needed to buy some Fabletics leggings. One day, the clouds parted, they reached out to me, and I was in hog heaven!

I'm a 2020 Balega Impi Ambassador!

Balega Impi Ambassador
I am so excited, you guys: I was selected to be a Balega Impi Ambassador!

Weekly Recap: Ending the First Month of 2020

Last week was busy! I did a lot of activities, and while I wish I could say that I feel so refreshed because of it, that would just be a lie. By Sunday morning, I was so rundown that I had to cancel my morning running plans because I felt so terrible I couldn't even get out of bed. Rough! Eventually, I was able to log some extra zzz's into my sleep bank and feel a bit more energized before going about my day. I think the funky non-winter-winter weather has really been messing with my mind and body!

Yesterday was exhausting as well, but I'm already starting to feel the week change course, and I'm hopeful that I can get back on a regular sleep schedule before the end of the week.

And now, without further ado, let me walk you through my last week, starting with yesterday!

Race Recap: Lifetime Indoor Tri

I was sitting here a couple of days ago talking to myself, trying to figure out what blog post I'd been forgetting to write when it dawned it me: I needed to write a recap of my very first triathlon!

On January 5, I participated in the Life Time Indoor Triathlon Series. I signed up for it with my friend Tikima because we wanted some triathlon experience as sort of a baseline test for June, and we weren't ready for anything in open water or outdoors just yet. This was perfect because it was indoors, timed, and simulated a lot of the basic challenges of a triathlon, i.e. transitioning, endurance, competing in a swim, etc.

New Year, New Box of Treats

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com. All thoughts shared in this post are my honest reactions to the products in my very first BabbleBoxx.

To help me start my 2020 in a health-focused way, I received an awesome BabbleBoxx filled with some sweet products! Keep reading to learn more about what was included in this box!

Studio Review: Sculp'd

For my first studio visit of the new year and new decade, I decided to try out Sculp'd in Alexandria, Virginia. I had the day off of work, so I was able to take a mid-day class - something I never get to do! That morning, I taught my first indoor cycling class of the year (my 45-minute, 7 a.m. class), so I had some time to come home and chill out a little bit before I hit the road.

Because I can be an airhead from time to time, I totally misread the location of the studio as Arlington instead of Alexandria, so I totally miscalculated how long it was going to take me to get there, and with random mid-day traffic, that mistake almost cost me a spot in the class! Fortunately, I was able to call ahead and let them know I might be getting there right on the dot instead of 15 minutes early like they preferred (and as I had planned if it was indeed in Arlington). This actually says a lot about how much the boutique fitness market has just totally exploded in Arlington. It seems that whenever there is a new studio in the DMV, they're in Arlington! It was actually a relief that it wasn't Arlington because I don't get to explore the fitness scene in Alexandria nearly as much!

Race Recap: MCRRC New Years Day 5k 2020

I kicked off 2020 with a 5k! This was my first time running a race on New Year's Day, and I actually convinced my lovely SO to join me. I've gone with friends to do the Polar Plunge in Coney Island (I was comfortably bundled up on the beach, dry, natch), I've slept in until mid-day because I was out partying until 4am, and... yeah, that about sums it up!
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