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5 April Goals

I have some updated goals, y'all! I've been rocking and rolling with my level of activity and getting into running again. I'm noticing little changes, like the fact that I can teach a full indoor cycling class with fewer water breaks for myself, that I have more definition in my arms, that my legs are getting so strong. I feel like I'm in a good place to push myself a bit more, so I'm sharing my 5 fitness goals for the month of April!

Cryotherapy is Cool

I finally got to try cryotherapy! My friend Tikima (the second half of DMV Fitness Fam) got us hooked up with our first sessions at Thrive CryoStudio, which is located inside Symmetry Salon in Rockville, Maryland (right next to the Twinbrook Metro station). I had seen ads for Thrive all over the place - including in my gym! BUT! I had no idea where it was! Turns out I had walked past the salon many times before and didn't realize that it was the home of Thrive!

I'm Starting to Love Running Again!

I couldn't believe it myself: I went for a long run last night, and I actually enjoyed it!

I'm currently in training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run, which I still can't believe is in less than two weeks! It's funny because, while I haven't been running a ton, I actually have done a decent amount of training for this race (decent by my normal standards which are not training at all, and maybe remembering a week before the race that it's coming up). I don't think I ran a single race in 2018, and 2017 made me fall out of love with running - probably mostly due to that training schedule I just described.

My Current Goals

With all of the cycling and running and volleyball and general running around I've been doing, I have started feeling little aches and pains that I know are the result of not being strong enough, and still being much heavier than I prefer. And so, I have set two goals for myself: increase my strength and flexibility - particularly in my hip flexors, and lose some weight. I have a desk job and sit for nearly eight hours straight, so I really have to be more deliberate with my workouts.

Twerkout Workout

I finally got to try 305 Fitness, y'all! A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a special DC-area influencer event hosted by 305 Fitness. (Hat tip to Fitt for the flagging this event for me!) My friend Tikima (the other half of DMV Fitness Fam) joined me while we got our twerk on!

What is 305 Fitness? It's a cardio dance workout with a little bit of weight training. (That last part was a welcome surprise! More on that below.) 305 Fitness says, "this is an addictive cardio party." They're right; you feel like you're in a night club, and the vibe is sweaty, judgment-free, twerk-filled fun!

February 4K by 4PM Challenge

It's here!!!! What's here, you ask? Why, only February, the BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! Yeah, my birthday is coming up in just under two weeks, and I am excited about that, but I'm also excited to share some amazing news with you guys:

The February 4K by 4PM Challenge is starting! Woohoo!

Everything Burns: 30-Minute Strength and Core Circuit Workout

*Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.*

This is a 30-minute strength and core circuit. This circuit targets your posterior chain, biceps, triceps, and core. You want to begin the workout with a 3-minute warmup (included below), and make sure you end with a cool down and stretch.
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