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Why I Don't Do Meal Preps (Yet?)

As you may have noticed in yesterday's post, I'm going to try something new: mapping out my fitness goals for the week ahead. (Spoiler alert: So far, so good!)

What you may have also noticed is that the only food-related activity mentioned is eating breakfast, a major goal I am really trying to focus on.

Why did I not chart out my food for the week? Simply: I want to eat all the food all the time! For this reason, I might get a random food stuck in my head, and just have to make it for dinner, despite possibly having bought food for an entirely different meal just a night before. For example, today, I have this craving for pan-seared salmon. Sometimes I know which kinds of flavors I'm going for, but not today! I just knew that I wanted to eat salmon, and that I wanted to attempt a new technique at cooking it  (clearly I've been watching too much Top Chef).

As I sat at my desk, drooling about all the salmon I could make, my taste evolved, and I decided that I wanted to really showcase the salmon. So now, I suspect I'm going to make a pan-seared salmon with warm tomato, basil, and arugula salad. I might change my mind before I get to the grocery store, but I think this is what I want for dinner tonight. Plus, I'm currently drooling just thinking about it, so I doubt I'll change my mind... BUT, WHO KNOWS?

So... much... sodium...
Because I love food, cooking, and eating, I have a very difficult time eating the same types of things over and over again. When I was a kid, I learned to bake chicken with some Season All, "saute and simmer" some Rice-A-Roni, and microwave some green beans. I cooked that every night for my dad, brother, and myself until I got tired of it and started experimenting with some other things. I eventually learned to get creative in the kitchen, picking random ingredients from the pantry and turning them into meals. From that point forward, it became extremely difficult to eat the same thing twice in one week - let alone one month.

Butternut squash I roasted for a yummy
fall soup I made around Thanksgiving. 
Now, I like to find different recipes to mix it up with the ones I've memorized and created over the years. One night, I might be seeking something spicy. Another, I might want a vegetarian dish. (Usually, I want something with cheese in it.)

Maybe one day, I'll post about meal planning for breakfasts and/or lunches for the week. Maybe that can be a goal for the end of 2014? For now, I'm going to focus on my fitness goals.

Do you plan your meals for the week? Is it hard to stick to your plan? How often do you rotate recipes?

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