Fit Fashion Review: Women's Active by Old Navy Leggings

Friday night, I grudgingly trudged over to Old Navy for some leggings. I'd never actually tried their leggings before. In fact, the only Old Navy active wear I had ever owned is an orange fleece that is buried among my fitness gear, and I bought it years ago for $7. (It's still super warm and comfy, though.)

During high school, I got over Old Navy pretty quickly, and Old Navy was the store. My jeans always tore, there weren't any stores close to home, and everyone seemed to have everything from there each season -- and I was always a couple of seasons behind. Nevertheless, on Friday night, I ventured over to the store closest to the rock climbing gym, as I'd seen ads earlier in the week about their sale on active wear. Normally, needing something in a pinch would have justified a trip to Target, but I knew already that Target's leggings weren't usually on sale, and they are much more expensive than they should be.

Sure enough, when I walked up to the store, I saw that they had a crazy sale on active wear, with a prominent display as soon as you walk into the store!

Personally, I prefer compression leggings to regular leggings. I know that they have different purposes, but if you're a curvy lady like myself, compression leggings tend to hold on to the bum quite a bit better, with less awkward hiking up of the leggings.

Old Navy has a decent variety of leggings colors, but nothing too out there. I tried on some pink ones, a bright blue color, some wacky printed cropped leggings, and both gray and black compression leggings. I was disappointed that they didn't carry this awesome orange that I saw in Kate Hudson's new fabletics line, but c'est la vie. Maybe I will design my own fitness gear one day...

I am super particular about the way bottoms fit, whether for active wear or regular clothes. I rarely try on tops, but I cannot shop for bottoms without trying them on. I don't know how people order pants online from a store with which they've never shopped! I like to put them on, sit down in them, jump up and down, do a couple of squats and lunges (gotta know what happens with the crotch), and then check out my booty in the mirror. Do they ride up/slide down? Are they too tight? Are they too big in the waist? Does my crotch feel weird? And most importantly, how does my butt look in these? If it passes all of the tests, and they are a reasonable price and I feel like I'm getting a good deal, I get them. It's so hard for me to find bottoms that fit right! Such is the life of a curvy woman. :-/

The Old Navy Active Compression Leggings have their GoDRY moisture-wicking feature. I personally like that, because nobody wants to walk around with fear of swass (swamp ass). Gross. Oh, and another thinig that a lot of ladies out there like: The compression leggings actually have a little interior pocket. It can probably fit an ID, credit card, and a key, but not much else. I can't really imagine running with stuff in there anyway. I always fear I would break something, lose something, or get stabbed in the butt by something. I don't like the prospect of any of those.

I say I "leveled up" because I don't know the real term.
I ended up buying three pairs of leggings: Two pairs of compression leggings (in black and heather grey), and a pair of cropped leggings (in black zebra print = FIERCE). I put on the black leggings as soon as I got to the climbing gym, and they were great! I didn't have to adjust them the entire time I was kicking butt on the wall. I "leveled up" two grades on the wall that night! I was a climbing FOOL, and the entire time, my leggings didn't need to be adjusted. This was a major coup for me and my booty. It is so hard to find good leggings!

Besides having a great fit, and my bum looking pretty magnificent, they were super cheap! But, don't worry! They didn't feel super cheap. They felt pretty well made. Sure, they're not special Cold Gear or anything (though I adore my Cold Gear compression leggings so much that I bought two pairs a couple of years ago), but they do the trick, and don't cause any extra awkwardness*. What more could I ask for?

*You know what I'm talking about. Where you try to figure out different ways to adjust your leggings while talking to people. Doing lunges. Sneakily pulling it up by the thigh. You get the idea...

Have you ever tried Old Navy active wear? Do you like it? Has the quality changed over the years? What is the hardest fitness gear to shop for?

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