To All My Fellow Bloggers Out There...

I was Editor in Chief of my college newspaper, and nothing irritated me more than having to edit articles written by freshman journalism students. I do my best to check my spelling and grammar on this blog, but slip up from time to time. To all of the bloggers out there, and fans of grammar and the English language in general, enjoy!



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!! This is the most hysterical thing EVER!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard. I just have to share this with every writer I know because we all get it!!! My most hated "word crime?" When people say "I could care less." I want to scream "Couldn't!!" So glad Weird Al covered that :-)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

      "I could care less" and "literally" are my latest pet peeves. People need to get it together!