Sunday Rundown: First Week of Half Marathon Training

Howdy, lovely reader!

Now that I have a week under my belt at the new/old job, and yesterday was my last day at my part-time job (Ann Taylor), I feel like I can finally unwind a little bit and give my blog (and my readers) a little more love. Woohoo!

That little bit of extra free time also means that I can refocus on my fitness goals. I have been playing more volleyball, and my runs (when I run) have been longer, so I haven't been totally sedentary, but I know that I can do better. And so I shall!

This week, I'll be beginning my half marathon training. I'm using the No Meat Athlete Half Marathon Roadmap. I'm not vegetarian, but one of my vegetarian friends suggested using the running plan to successfully complete my first half marathon. So, to have some accountability, and to put my plan down in writing, I put together my first week of half marathon training, using the Roadmap as a guideline.

I haven't done much lifting the past few weeks, and I'm starting to feel a little weaker. I'm glad that this training program has cross-training built in, that way I can get some strength training in, and I won't have to worry about incorporating volleyball into my plan.

Here's my plan!

What are you planning to do this week? Have you ever done a half marathon? If so, how did you train for it? Have you ever done a running plan?


  1. I've got a half marathon this weekend, my first in nearly 2 years....I'm nervous but excited! Congrats on signing up for your first half! Your training plan for thefirst week looks pretty advanced for a first timer to follow. I would worry about not getting enough rest days, especially if you haven't been running consistently. I'd hate to see you get injured by doing too much too soon!

    1. Well, I'm a wimp, so I think I'll wait a couple of weeks before I completely commit and register. I have to be sure I will be able to do it without embarrassing myself first!

      I've been doing a lot of running and volleyball, and now that I'm not at my part-time job (which requires you to be on your feet for the entire shift), I think I'll be fine (I hope). I'm pretty active, so I thought that it was going to make it too easy on me! Now you have me worried!

      Good luck on your half marathon! Let us know how you do!