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Fit Technology: Playing Volleyball with a Fitbit

Month after month, Google Analytics tells me that people are searching for, "Can I wear a Fitbit while playing volleyball?" which is leading them to Flecks of Lex. Since I have never explicitly answered this question on the blog, I thought today would be as good a time as any to take a moment to answer the question!

I have had a Fitbit for about two years now. I first purchased a Fitbit Zip, and absolutely loved it! It clips on to you, and tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled.

This year, I bought myself a Fitbit One (affiliate link), which also tracks those things, and additionally tracks your sleep and flights of stairs ascended. As a woman who has suffered from insomnia her entire life, how cool it is to be able to track my sleep pattern!
Okay, so now to the question: Can you wear a Fitbit while playing volleyball?

The short answer is yes.

In the photo below, I show a couple of options for where to place your Fitbit while you're playing volleyball.

You'll notice that I don't have any of the wristband styles. Quite frankly, at most levels of volleyball, you cannot wear jewelry while playing. Now that I play adult volleyball, you actually can play with some jewelry; however, I still don't recommend it. I'm a setter (usually), so having something on my wrist while trying to set is a bit bothersome. A couple of my teammates who play middle (and even a setter!) have Fitbits that they wear on their wrists, and they say it doesn't bother them. If you're really considering a Flex, Charge, or Surge, I suggest that you go to a store where they are sold and test out some of your regular volleyball motions while wearing them.

The best part about wearing a Fitbit for playing volleyball is when you can compete for steps against your teammates who also own them. It's really fun to see who got in the most steps during a match or tournament, which sort of makes you more aggressive and hustle after more balls.

Do you wear a Fitbit when you play volleyball? Which style do you wear? Do you compete against your teammates for steps? Do you have any questions about where or how to wear a Fitbit when playing volleyball?

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