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What Should Be My First Marathon?

I have been on a super wacky schedule lately; however, I have managed to (generally) stick to my modified Mediterranean Diet and lose a few more pounds. Eating more vegetables and lean protein is definitely helping my clothes fit a little looser, and my belly look a little slimmer. I'm not losing crazy amounts of weight, which is actually why I am encouraged. I know that this diet is sustainable, as long as I stay motivated.

Since I've been feeling more confident, motivated, and focused on my wellness, I came to the conclusion that I want to work on training for a marathon next year. Of course, this was inspired by all of the amazing speakers at the National Endurance Sports Summit, which I wrote about previously. I'm running my first half marathon in just a few weeks, so I know, with a bit of dedication to training, I can actually complete my first marathon. There's just one problem...

I have no idea which marathon to run!

I've been mulling over in my head what type of marathon I should sign up for, but I've been coming up empty. I'd really love to run one in Maryland, such as the Baltimore Running Classic Marathon. I actually ran seven miles of that course just a couple of weeks ago, and I loved the energy of that race. I really have no preference for where in Maryland, should I choose to run in my home state, just that I don't want too many hills!

Alternatively, I could run in a completely different state, or even another country! After running the Nike Women's 15k in Toronto, I would totally be down to run another international race, even if it's just across the border. I love traveling, and really enjoyed my first racecation/runcation (so much so, that I still haven't written that recap... whoops!).  There are so many beautiful marathons hosted around the world. The possibilities are endless! So, I turn to you, wonderful reader:

What should be my first marathon?


  1. I really like the rock n roll series! I'm running Savannah Rock n Roll again. There's tons of crowd support, music, energy for a first time marathoner. My first marathon however was at the Outer Banks NC. It was cool and mostly flat. Small crown. 1500 runners vs 25,000!!! Do you like big cities and large crowds or a more small rural scene? If I could afford to travel I would totall run rock n roll Ireland!!

    1. I'm not exactly sure! I think I would love to run my first marathon somewhere with great views (either city or something else), and good crowds to cheer you on. What I loved about the Baltimore Running Festival was that they had tons of spectators to cheer you on. I think I'm going to need that extra push! Thanks so much for giving me some things to think about!

  2. Yayyyy marathon! Baltimore has tons of energy, but it is hilly. I wouldn't recommend the DC RnR Marathon as the last half is very...lets say...quiet and its very half focused. MCM /Richmond would be a good one if you were thinking local. I loved the Wineglass Half and the Full is on my list - it is on the smaller side if you are looking for that and a 4-5 hour drive. If you are looking at one of the "bigger" marathons.. of course Chicago and NYC are nice. Although I have not run Philly, it is close by and I've only heard good things about it.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Jenny! That's a bummer that the RnR DC marathon isn't great for the marathon runners. I've been thinking about running the half next year. I know a lot of people here run the MCM, so that's one I'm definitely looking into. I love any excuse to drive up to NY, so the Wineglass Marathon is definitely on my list now. Thanks so much!


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