Ready to Run

I Don't Sweat, I ShineI'm finally back, y'all! Every once in a while, I need to take some time away from blogging to focus more attention on an area of my life that might not be getting as much attention as it needs. Now that I'm back, I feel so much better, and ready to run in more ways than one!

Since my last check in, a bunch has happened, but today I'm just going to focus on how I'm finally feeling ready to run! (If you follow me on social media, you've probably heard a bit more from me.) No, no. Don't worry! I definitely have not fallen off the fitness wagon since my trip to New York! In fact, I've become just a tad more active! I've been doing yoga at Extend Yoga (on average) at least once a week, plus I've been practicing a little bit at home and at the free classes offered through work. Since it's been strangely warm outside, I managed to run a virtual 5k after my trip, and have played in a couple of volleyball tournaments over the last couple of weekends. So, as you can see, just as active as usual!

Last month, I joined the Montgomery County Road Runners Club (MCRRC), and I'm really excited about that! They have track workouts and a first time marathon training program that I'm really looking forward to joining. The track workouts are near my job, so I really have no excuse. The track workouts are going to be key to me getting faster and working on my overall running technique while meeting other local runners. This will be important for my marathon training.

Can you believe I just signed up for my first in-person race of 2016? That's right! I'll be running the Frederick Running Festival half marathon in May. Because I was a mad woman last year and ran 12 races in 12 months, I decided I needed to have a bit more focus -- especially because I want to run my first marathon this fall in addition to the fact that I plan to play in the USAV Nationals (volleyball) in Orlando over Memorial Weekend. Instead of just running all sorts of races, and even filling in for other people (as I did for at least 3 races last year), I decided that I want to focus on running just a few local races, and maybe some low-key races through MCRRC that are included with my membership. As motivation for just focusing on a few local races, I decided that I want to take the King Crab Challenge. After the Frederick race, we'll see if I'm crazy enough to stick with it!

Yoga is definitely helping me with volleyball and running, so I'm hoping to have a less painful running season this year! My hips feel amazing this year, and I've noticed a little less pressure on my lower back after volleyball tournaments. Yay yoga!

Are you running any races this year? Which races are you planning to run? Do you set limits for how many races you will allow yourself to run in a year? Are you doing any other kind of running these days? Running errands maybe?


  1. Welcome back. No worries, I was also gone for a couple of months. I will also be running Frederick as part of the relay. Ohh the King Crab Challenge, does that mean you will run the Baltimore Marathon? Or the half?

    1. I'm leaning toward the Baltimore half. I did the marathon relay last year, and saw how hilly that course is. I'm crossing my fingers for MCM, but maybe Steamtown or somewhere I haven't even thought of yet for my first marathon. Looking forward to bumping into you in Frederick!