Fit Food: Banana Chai Smoothie

Disclosure: I received nutritional boosters from Bob's Red Mill in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts shared in this post are mine. 

Here I am! Back at ya with another smoothie recipe!

I am totally digging smoothies and shakes this summer! I'm really bad about breakfast, as I've mentioned about a kajillion times on this blog, and these easy drinks are just what the doctor ordered. Just about every morning - after I hit the snooze button a couple dozen times - and finally decide to get my lazy butt out of bed, I am always in a rush to get ready and grab something quick and easy to eat. Usually, I have to eat or drink whatever it is while I'm commuting to work, which is definitely not ideal. Smoothies and shakes are things I can throw together quickly and easy, and I can actually drink them while I'm getting ready.

Chai-flavored smoothies have always been a challenge for me, so when I received my box of nutritional boosters from Bob's Red Mill, I decided to try out some new combinations. I used the little recipe booklet I received as inspiration for my recipe. Bob's Red Mill has a Chai-na-na Smoothie recipe that was good, but that I preferred with a bit of cinnamon. I also used almond milk instead of coconut milk. I guess you could call it the Chai-na-na with a twist!

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Banana Chai Smoothie By

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 1 minute
Yield: 1 large glass
Tags: Low fat Ingredients:
- 1/3 cup Bob's Red Mill Chai Protein PowderNutritional Booster
- 1 cup almond milk
- 1 medium banana
- 1/4 tsp cinnamon - 6 ice cubes
Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend to your heart's desire.

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  1. My kind of smoothie. Thanks for sharing this.
    I will definitely try this one.