My Weekly Recap: Off And Running with Triathlon Training

Today, I'm recapping my last week! I've been trying to join the Weekly Run Down linkup regularly, but this week is a bit hectic with my organization's last major event of the calendar year taking place this week. Even though I missed the linkup cutoff time, I still wanted to share this info with all of you!

So here goes: My last week in workouts, abridged.

Monday: Volleyball
I had my last regular-season game of the fall league on this night. It was my first time playing my regular position since I sprained my ankle. Now that my ankle is feeling pretty much back to normal, I decided to suck it up and play. It actually felt good, and I was happy to enter and leave the gym with two working ankles!

Tuesday: Teaching Indoor Cycling (45 minutes), 1st Training Session with My New Trainer
  • This is probably my favorite class each week. They usually have great energy, they're engaged, and I can play my kinda music - regardless of how ridiculous it is. 
  • After my class, I had my first session with my new trainer. It was totally different from my training sessions with my previous trainer but in a good way! She took about 30 minutes to walk through my goals, my current fitness routine, and my diet. Then, we promptly went to the hex bar, and I cranked out some deadlifts to start the workout. It felt good to lift heavy, and I'm looking forward to my next session tomorrow, where we will add in some more upper body exercises.

Wednesday: 30 Minutes of Lap Swimming
Okay, swimming is hard. Swimmers, I'm convinced, do not actually have lungs, but instead, have gills. I don't know how these people can exhale underwater for so long, or how they can complete 50m without stopping and catching their breath, but the only answer I could come up with is that they are not actually people because they use gills instead of lungs. This was what was running through my mind as I completed my laps!

Thursday: Teaching Indoor Cycling (45 minutes)
Last week's class had higher attendance than I've had the last few weeks, and I was happy about this! This is the hardest class of the week for me to teach because it's so early in the morning (for me), and it takes a lot of energy to wake up a class, keep them energized and focused, and do an actual workout!

Friday: Yoga (75-minute flow)
This was my second week back at yoga. It was tougher this week because I was still sore from weight lifting and swimming, plus I had a hard time focusing for the first 10 minutes or so of class. By the end, I felt great; in fact, I was able to successfully complete my first chaturanga in probably two years!

Saturday: Teaching Indoor Cycling (60 minutes) + a little extra time on the bike
Back in the saddle on a Saturday! After completing this class, I spent a little extra time practicing some drills (including a very random, unexpected song I plan to use as my warm-up for class tomorrow). Afterward, I enjoyed brunch with friends and a low key afternoon and evening dogsitting.

Sunday: Swim Class, 2-Mile Run
  • My original plan was to end my day with an upper-body workout, but when it came down to it, I just didn't have enough energy. I was so exhausted last night that I actually fell asleep around 9:30, which is super early for me!
  • I started my day with my swim class. I really struggled this time around. I felt like I couldn't get my breathing down, and the more frustrated I got, the more water I inhaled. Getting comfortable with exhaling through my nose is going to be a struggle for a while with me. I really have to relax and not overthink everything. My arms and my legs know what to do, but it's my head (metaphorically and literally) that won't get with the program. Swimming is going to be an even greater challenge than I remembered, but I just have to stay focused and keep practicing to persevere.
  • When I got home from my class, I changed, and I went for a 2-mile run. I wanted to see how my ankle would feel, and I actually felt great! Despite taking an easy run, I actually ran a better pace than pre-ankle injuries (since I injured both ankles, back-to-back) Alexis. Who knew a little bit of rest could go a long way? Go figure!
What's coming up?
This week will be filled with more swimming, less volleyball, the same amount of cycling, more strength training and maybe a little bit more running. We shall see! Come back here next week and you'll find out!

What did you get into last week? What are your plans for this upcoming week? Do you have any swimming tips to share?


  1. Wow! You got in a great week of varied workouts. Seeing your pictures from the pool makes me want to get back in the pool for some swimming!

  2. I am so impressed with your swimming! I could probably save myself in a water emergency, but it would NOT be pretty. Our son was a swimmer in high school and then for the two years at his community college. He swam the 500 in HS, but in college he was also doing the 1000 and the 1-mile. His college team went to the NJCAA finals, and it was so neat...but watching him swim that mile was humbling (for my abilities) and proud (for his). SO....I have ideals to someday do a tri, and I'll need to get my tail fin in the water and have some real lessons ;-)

  3. Swimming is hard! I found that was the one sport where I made the most progress. I am excited to watch your training

  4. I can only swim to save my life, but I did a sprint triathlon last year to challenge myself. I would love to train up to take part in more triathlons, but I have limited options where I am. Good for you for getting the job done!

  5. I'm so freaking impressed with you and T. There's no chance in hell I could sign up for a tri. You ladies never cease to amaze me!!

  6. What a busy week for you! I can do the bare minimum when it comes to swimming - it's so hard!

  7. I've always wanted to do a tri!! I think the swimming if the thing that always stops me. Gotta sign up for one one of these days!

  8. what a great week! I'm a terrible swimmer but I love being in the water... I even tried doing a 16 week breast stroke class and nearly died in every lesson (from getting water in my throat whilst breathing in) so I quit after 6 lessons. It wasn't worth the panic attacks. Now I just go and dog paddle my way through the laps haha! Better than nothing!