Weekly Run Down: Getting Ready for Turkey Day

It's that time of the week again! I'm linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

I'm actually starting to enjoy these little swim sessions I've been fitting in! Just 30 minutes is plenty of time in the pool for me. As I continue with my classes, these 30 minutes will look a lot more disciplined and will result in a lot less time hanging out on the wall in between laps. 😆


  • Taught my 45-minute SPARK class. We had a good time! One of the best moments was when we did jumps to "Roxanne" by The Police. Every time they heard "Roxanne," they switched between the standing and seated positions. We added a fair amount of resistance so that we could transition smoothly. Everyone knew the song, so people were singing along, and it looked really cool from the front of the room having everyone in unison. Good times!
  • Afterward, I had another training session with Laila. It was a challenging workout, and I can already feel myself getting stronger week over week. 

Went for another swim. I'm getting more comfortable in the water, but my freestyle is still pretty terrible. I'm working on it, though!

My 7 am, 45-minute class started off this loooooong day. After this, I came home, showered, did my hair, and got dressed for a big work event. With all of the work that goes into putting on an 800-person event, I was worn out by the time I went to bed (at 2:30 am!).

A true rest day. I came home around 4:30, ate my first and only meal of the day, and took a 5-hour nap! Once I woke up, I watched a little tv, scrolled through some IG memes, and then fell back asleep.


  • I started out my time at the gym with a quick InBody scan. It's not as detailed as the CompID scan I did a few months ago, but it is way more detailed than just standing on the scale! I like that it stores my info in the system so that I can come back and track it over time.  
  • My 60-minute cycle class is starting to fill back up now that it's getting cooler outside. Last winter, this class was regularly full, but because so many of my students are outdoor cyclists (and the class is held at kind of a weird time for most people), it really emptied out as it got warmer out. I'm glad it's starting to fill up again, though!
  • I walked around the farmer's market and picked up some empanadas, microgreens, and some coffee. I also talked to the folks from the Rockville Bike Hub, which is a really cool community bike shop. I'm hoping to buy a road bike from them during their As-Is Yard Sale in a few weeks. 
  • After the farmer's market, I went home and did a full-body strength training workout. I grabbed some more equipment from Amazon to build up my at-home workout stash, so I was able to lift a little heavier at home this time. 

This day was all about running errands! I attended my swim class and learned that my arms are barely doing anything when I'm swimming, which is... well, not how swimming works! I'll be focusing on my "front crawl" this week. We won't have class next week, so I really want to make sure I'm looking good for the next one!

The Week Ahead
This week, I'm going to be hiking, spinning, swimming, and hopefully getting in some miles on my feet! I'm teaching a 60-minute Turkey Burn spin class on Thanksgiving morning, and I'm going to be picking up some items from the store today and tomorrow to jazz up the classroom.


  1. lots of great work this past week! I'm not an outdoor cyclist so I always dread fall/winter as the classes get really busy. A few weeks ago I went on Sunday to the 9am class, at 8:45 it was already full. FULL. At my old gym there were more bikes AND we used to show up 30-45 min early just to lay our towel down on the bike we wanted!! I've fixed that problem for the future... we bought a spin bike for home! I'm SUPER excited!! We get it Friday :)

    have a good week and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. It is fantastic to see you enjoying swimming so much! Looks like a great week all around. Happy Thanksgiving

  3. You are an active gal! I love the Roxanne workout LOL It gets a little crazy towards the end of the song!

  4. Nice on the swimming! I like to swim in the ocean, but that's about it. I'm definitely doing more indoor cycling these days. For now, I want it to be sunny and in the mid-40s before noon to ride outside, and that just hasn't been happening on the weekends!

  5. Oh man, the "Roxanne" jumps makes me miss teaching Spin! Haven't been on a spin bike since August...I'll have to fix that soon !

  6. I did a spin class to Roxanne once and still remember how fun it was (challenging, too!). Way to go!

  7. Good job on the workouts this week - especially the swimming. I'm not sure I will ever get to the point where I would say I enjoy swimming. Which just means I'm bad at it and need some instruction and more time in the pool :)

  8. If I try to swim it takes me forever to get from one end of the pool to the other and then I have to hang on the edge of the pool for at least four times that long to catch my breath. LOL Good for you for taking a swim class!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a great spin class!

  9. Wow, you had such an active week! And I love that you are enjoying your swimming workouts more :)

  10. I can barely swim to save my life so I am living vicariously through you and your swimming progress! I really need to bite the bullet and take some lessons. I can't even say I have bad form...I simply have NO form!

  11. I've never done a body scan. That sounds so interesting! I would be curious to learn more about that. Everytime I read about you swimming I think to myself I need to get back into the pool again. Soon maybe?

  12. Well done on the swimming! You've reminded me that I need to get into the pool. I've set myself a goal to learn how to swim but really avoiding it and so far haven't even bought a swimming costume!

  13. Props to you for taking on swimming! I had a major fear of deep water (needed to be rescued as a teen) and could not swim a single stroke until I committed to lessons and a tri coach. I know that "hanging on the wall between laps" activity well! Haha! Your spin class sounds so fun!

  14. awesome week! I have a feeling lots of swimming is in my future. I'm not super happy about it, but it is what it is. Love how you are able to get in such a variety of workouts.