Weekly Run Down - Last Week of October

Last week was filled with a lot of indoor cycling, and not much else. My sprained ankle is still giving me problems, and it's started to make me angry. I just want to run! And do some lower body strength training! Nonetheless, the main thing about sprained ankles is that you just have to rest in order for them to get better. It sucks, and it's easier said than done, but it is what it is!

This week, I'm linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down. Instead of reviewing what I did over the last week, I'm going to be looking forward!

  • I don't think that I did much of anything on Sunday. Saturday was such a busy day that I wanted to take it easy on Sunday. 
  • On Saturday, I taught back-to-back 60-minute indoor cycling classes, then I played 9 holes of golf. A rest day was most necessary! 

I taught a 6am spin class because apparently, I'm insane! I was just subbing, so I don't have any current plans to repeat this any time soon!

Disco Halloween! I taught a disco/party-themed indoor cycling class and went as a disco diva. I upgraded the costume later in the week for our office Halloween.

Rest day! I did not do any yoga because my ankle was KILLING me! Plus, I had to watch the Nats win the World Series!

  • I taught a Halloween-themed class at 7am. Turnout was low because the Nats game was on late the night before. Regardless, I still had fun teaching this class!
  • I organized an office Halloween parade, which was a lot of fun for everyone (minus the office dog, Bentley).
The high school team where my sister and I coach won the first round of playoffs! The second round is today, and we're facing tough competition!

  • I taught a 60-minute spin class that was inspired by gaining an extra hour of sleep. You can listen to the playlist here.
  • After that, I went as a spectator to the World Series Parade and pep rally.
  • Walking around DC all day with a sprained ankle wasn't my best idea.

I hit up the driving range to work on my... well... everything. I really love playing golf now, so I want to focus on getting better at it!

What did you get into over the last week? Share it below!


  1. I hear you on the being injured and not being able to run. It's been so beautiful out! Hoping we both feel better this week and are able to get out there. So glad you joined the linkup

  2. Thanks for joining us on the link-up!!!! I love your Halloween wig and fancy disco ball necklace ;-) KNock wood, I have been avoiding injury for a long time...and since my marathon is done, I'm feeling so free without that worry hanging over me LOL I hope that ankle feels better soon!

  3. Ugh, resting an injury is tough. I hope you heal quickly! Sounds like you had plenty of other activities to keep you busy!

  4. I totally understand your frustration! BUT seems like you got a lot of movement in with all the classes you were teaching and your golf! I am on the bench until the end of December and even though I can do some things, I can't run. and it's driving me nuts!! but I'm getting back in a routine and doing stuff so that's good. onwards, right?

  5. I hope your ankle healed quickly. That's got to be so frustrating!

    I'm so jealous that you got to go to the Nats parade! I taught a class from 1-3 on Saturday afternoon so I couldn't go, but someone who had signed up for my class didn't make it because she was at the parade. Her husband came to the class and when I asked him why he didn't go to the parade with his wife, he said that he is a White Sox fan.