Weekly Run Down: A Little Bit of This and That

I kicked things up a notch this week, but I was still taking it relatively easy. This was the last week for resting my ankle, and I'm ready to get back into running and volleyball in the week ahead. I still have a big secret to reveal to you all this week, so stay tuned!

Mondays are usually for volleyball, but we've had a couple of weeks off, which has been good for my busted ankle. We finally return for our final regular-season game tonight, and I can finally check out this ankle and hopefully start running again!

Indoor cycling! I teach my 45-minute SPARK class on Tuesday evenings, and that's usually my only workout for the day; however, this upcoming week, I will start working with a new personal trainer! I'm hoping that having someone with a consistent schedule, plus my ability

My true rest day this week. My rest day may change to Monday in the coming weeks, but for now, that's still usually Wednesday. I spent a lot of the week (post-work) in my new Fabletics fleece. It was very cold most of the week, and this fleece definitely kept me warm! Interested in trying out Fabletics? Use my Fabletics referral code! For your first purchase, you can get 2 leggings for $24! (Full disclosure: I received the fleece for free as part of an outfit I was sent via a Fabletics partnership.)

My 7 am indoor cycling class. This class can be a real struggle sometimes because the class is so quiet! I'm not a morning person, but I bring extra energy because this class is always super quiet. The only reason I know the enjoy the class is that they tell me afterward, and they come back!

This was probably the happiest moment of my week! I attended a 75-minute community yoga session at my favorite yoga studio - and my true yoga home! It felt so good to be back at Extend Yoga and back on my mat practicing vinyasa yoga. The instructor, Alicia, is probably my favorite in the DMV if I had to choose. I always feel like she's really in tune with her class, and she really helps transport my mind inward while also feeling like I'm in another place. I feel like I'm going to have to update my review because the studio got some major updates and looks so different now!

DMV Fitness Fam hosted a stretch and core class at Kiehl's in Westfield Montgomery, so I was able to get in some core work. Tikima stretched us out pretty good, but we definitely felt the burn too! Immediately afterward, I taught a 60-minute indoor cycling class, donated to our Sweat for a Vet fundraiser (it's a great cause, and as a bonus, you received a cute hat), and decided to sign up with a new trainer at the end of it. The rest of the day, I took it relatively easy. I had a busy morning!

My first swim class of the season! (I even bought myself a new swimsuit with shorts built-in because I wanted to try something different.) It was a little intimidating being back in the water again, but once I got a bit more comfortable, I think I did pretty well! Tikima and I are taking this class together, and we're hoping to swim together at least one other day during the week. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Coming up next: Hopefully some running, volleyball, and a strength-training session. I also want to try to take my FTP test this week! Let's see if it happens! I'm linking up with Deborah and Kim again for the Weekly Run Down. Hopefully this time next week, I'll be able to include the "run" part of the "run down" in my recap. Fingers crossed! 🤞

How was your week last week? What are you up to this upcoming week? Are you winter ready?


  1. Am I winter ready? Ha! No, but it's gonna happen regardless. Actually, it's very winter-like in Iowa right now. I don't think we talked about volleyball at dinner a couple weeks ago...I played volleyball in high school. It was such a fun sport for me, and one that I could actually do decently with my limited coordination and grace LOL.

    1. We definitely didn't talk about volleyball; I had no idea you played!

  2. Way to tackle the swim class! Sorry your ankle is still not feeling well. Thank goodness for cycle while rehabbing

    1. The class was intimidating at first, but I'm so glad I signed up for it!

  3. what a great week! i love the diversity of everything you do, though I know you'd like to be running again (me too!!) I notice that my evening spin classes are indeed much livelier than my morning classes - I find it much harder in the morning so maybe that's why they are quiet!

    I am not winter ready!!!

    1. Thank you!! It's funny because the 6 am Friday class I've subbed at another gym is pretty lively, so I think it set unrealistic expectations for me lol