Race Recap: MCRRC New Years Day 5k 2020

I kicked off 2020 with a 5k! This was my first time running a race on New Year's Day, and I actually convinced my lovely SO to join me. I've gone with friends to do the Polar Plunge in Coney Island (I was comfortably bundled up on the beach, dry, natch), I've slept in until mid-day because I was out partying until 4am, and... yeah, that about sums it up!

Fortunately, I'm a member of the Montgomery County Road Runners Club! They have a race series that they call their Low-Key Race Series, and they're free for all members and only $10 for non-members. Hard to beat that!

Their races are always well organized, and almost always* start exactly on time. For members, it's pretty easy. Once you have your bib and chip (you keep the same one for the entire calendar year), you just show up and run. The check-in process took us about two minutes tops (total, for both of us) once we got in the right line. John laced up my chip (I always lace it wrong, so it never hurts to have a little help), I got our bibs pinned on, and we were ready to go.

He went to join the potty line, and I went to the start line. I didn't think he would actually make it to the start on time because the line was so long, so I figured he'd catch up with me at some point during the race. Well, I misjudged that, because this was the first MCRRC race I'd been to where we started a little late! Nonetheless, it was actually a good thing we did because I bumped into some of my Black Girls Run friends at the start line!

I thought the group was running in the DC Mayor's Race, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw so many friends right there at the start line! We took some group photos, wished each other a happy new year, and chatted a little about the race. It was chilly that morning, so it was nice to be able to bundle up a little with a group!

John eventually met us at the start line, and we were all on our way! I wanted to run my pace, so I ended up running by myself most of the time, but I cheered on friends as we crisscrossed the course. I didn't run my best pace, but I did much better than expected (although the final results seemed to dictate that I was slower than what my Fitbit was telling me). It was so cold and windy - two conditions in which I really don't like running!

My friends and I decided to wait for each other at the finish line so that we could cheer each other in through the final stretch. We grabbed some post-race photos, and then we went our separate ways. I headed into the race HQ so that I could grab some coffee and something to eat, and bumped into another friend and her family along the way. Everyone was on that post-race high so there was so much positive energy around!

All-in-all, I'm glad I ran this race on New Year's Day! We might have to make this a tradition!

UPDATE: The race photos are available now! One little thing: I am still a little bummed that I didn't get a single race photo. MCRRC usually does a great job of capturing photos during the low-key races, and they're even free!; however, this race, I noticed that one of the photographers was just standing watching people and not taking any photos for the majority of the race! In fact, it looks like two of the photographers have never uploaded their photos from the race. Whomp whomp.

How did you spend New Year's Day? Did you do anything active? Do you have any New Year's Day traditions?

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