Black-Owned Fitness Brands and Businesses

This page serves as a repository for Black-owned fitness brands and businesses. If you own or know of a business that falls in this category, please send me an email! I'm happy to update your description or add an approved photo to accompany your listing!
Please note that this list is not an endorsement of any particular brand (unless noted). This list is a resource for consumers looking to purchase from Black-owned businesses.


  • Actively Black - Premium athleisure and sports apparel
  • Ascot Manor - Ascot Manor is a socially conscious tennis apparel brand and a club of extraordinary individuals who believe no child should be stripped of their tennis dreams due to their socioeconomic status.
  • Athletique - An activewear brand for women in pursuit of physical & spiritual wellness. Created to motivate fitness through fashion.
  • Barbell Commission - We represent the people that can't stop doing what they do. Can't stop training, can't stop pushing to be greater. They have an innate desire to keep fighting no matter what the result. No matter what the prize. No matter what the injury. They grip the bar and give it everything they've got. We are the Barbell Commission.
  • Beach Hours - To convince every Woman that no one can do it better than she can. You are you, and that is your power!!
  • BX Glow by Evelyn Lozada Fitness - Radiate your glow-worthy style with clean, plant-infused skincare, home fitness equipment, and statement jewelry featuring Evelyn’s iconic symbol of beauty & elegance with the airy spirit of butterflies.
  • CultureFit - A clothing brand that offers activewear for the culturally-conscious woman. They invite women of all backgrounds to enjoy and celebrate other cultures like West African print designs and more.
  • EleVen by Venus Williams - EleVen is a fashion-forward activewear brand creating tennis and everyday apparel for every life moment. Designed with attitude and confidence for peak optimum performance, we never compromise on quality, fit, or comfort.
  • Free Me Fitness Apparel - Free Me Fitness has custom activewear apparel for men and women. We have everything from comfortable women's leggings to men's tank tops
  • Glamourina - Listen to the Fit Black Queens Podcast interview with the co-founders!
  • Ju'Nae Fit - Luxury athleisure apparel and accessories
  • Just Lift - Just Lift is a fitness apparel brand and online retailer based in the United States, supported worldwide by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers. Created in 2012 by Simeon Panda, Just Lift has grown from a social media hashtag ethos, into a growing respected fitness apparel and training accessories brand.
  • LukaFit - Lukafit is an empowering activewear brand designed with our curves in mind. Our mission is to celebrate and support women of color along our health and wellness journeys.
  • Lydia Endora - Your style is yours and your clothes should reflect the power you have in your world. Run, read, breathe, and show up feeling your best in Lydia Endora womenswear.
  • Kemetic Knowledge
  • Mezam Apparel - Afro-Athleisure
  • PRU Apparel - In 2014 after months of civil unrest, I felt a desperate need for safety, freedom, and peace.  Enduring thoughts of self-love, community, sisterhood, and unity consumed my days. The desire to create something that we could count on and be supported by was my goal. PRU Apparel is that vision in tangible, wearable form. To empower women of color, to be seen, to be heard, and to be celebrated. 
  • Roam Loud - A premium brand of activewear and athleisure apparel.
  • Sankofa Athletic Apparel - Purposeful Drip designed with a powerful meaning and purpose!
  • Tranzfit Apparel - Tranzfit Apparel is a lifestyle brand that combines fashion and fitness by offering modern materials, versatile clothing, and bold styles guaranteed to give the average fitness enthusiasts the upgrade they desire in their activewear and everyday wardrobe.
  • VCB Fit
  • Vero Mastodon
  • VizFit Apparel - Fitness gear for women & men who let their confidence speak for themselves.

Boutique Fitness Studios

  • BOOMBOX Boxing (DC)- BOOMBOX was founded on a love for music, boxing, and community.  Our mission is to empower and inspire while making the health benefits of boxing-inspired training accessible to all.
  • FaithFueled Mom (NJ) - I help my clients achieve new levels of fitness through lifestyle changes!
  • Gloveworx (NY and Los Angeles, CA) - Gloveworx is a state-of-the-art boxing studio and athletic performance facility that combines boxing training with strength and conditioning in an enthusiastic team environment. From high-energy group training to personalized one-on-one sessions, we have boxing workouts for everyone. Throughout all of our sessions, there are never more than five people working with one coach, ensuring that all of our contenders receive the personal attention they deserve. Whatever your goals may be, you’ll train like an athlete—gaining formidable strength, a clear mind, and the ability to box like a pro.
  • Harlem Cycle (NY) - Harlem's first boutique cycling gym
  • RydeFYR (Manhattan Beach, CA) - RydeFYR is a premium indoor cycling boutique offering a fully immersive multi-sensory full-body workout. We are the ONLY indoor cycling studio in the South Bay to offer HEATED indoor cycling classes to take your workouts to the next-level — torching calories, detoxifying the body and helping you train like the athlete YOU are. Our instructors are Bad*ss, expert, rhythm-riding, cycling gurus, specially trained to select music and lighting to guide you through an emotionally and physically transformative experience
  • Tone House (NY) - Tone House® is the first-ever extreme, athletic-based team training facility aimed at unleashing the inner athlete in everyone. We believe that every individual has the capacity to be like the athletes they admire and to train like them.
  • Trifecta (NY) - Trifect provides well-rounded exercise programs that focus on the sport, body, and mental aspects of fitness and wellness in one location. These programs include boxing, CrossFit, yoga, massage therapy, meditation, and acupuncture.



  • Resistance 360 - Our patented resistance trainer allows you to train while having a full 360 degrees of rotation. This means applying dynamic resistance to an unlimited sphere of movement, maximizing your training regimen, and strengthening your game where you need it most.
  • Gainz Sports Gear - an elite and unique manufacturer of overall fitness, powerlifting, and CrossFit equipment

Yoga Mats

  • Beach Hours - To convince every Woman that no one can do it better than she can. You are you, and that is your power!!
  • Toned by BaggedEm - This Black-woman-owned business sells yoga mats and gym bags.

Fitness Formats

  • Banana Skirt - Banana Skirt classes are the most lit, fun dance fitness experience ever! You will dance alongside dancers of all experience levels (and always plenty of beginners). Everyone is there for the same reasons — to learn some awesome new moves, to break a sweat, and to shake it! Our high energy, low-pressure classes are the perfect place to experiment, improvise, express yourself, and move.
  • NetWerk Movement - NetWerk® is on a mission to build community and confidence in everyday women through networking and dance fitness events.

General Wellness/Mental Health

  • Be Rooted - Journals
  • HealHaus (Brooklyn, NY) - At HealHaus, we’ve combined diverse healing modalities and practitioners under one roof to provide people with an inclusive space focused on holistic health and wellness. We are committed to building a community that is dedicated to changing the stigma attached to healing.
  • Inner Workout - Inner Workout offers multi-dimensional self-care practices, designed to help you listen, respond, and access all of the layers of your being.
  • STRETCH 22 (Seattle and Bellevue, WA) - The name STRETCH 22 combines key aspects of the life passions of both co-founders. Dr. Kris Sasaki in his chiropractic work has always put an emphasis on stretching to improve mobility and flexibility for his clients. Ja’Warren Hooker, as a former Olympic sprinter, added the “22”, which symbolizes the angle that every sprinter wants to maintain, as long as possible, in a race. This resulted in the name STRETCH 22. Joining forces, Dr. Kris and Ja’Warren are on a mission to help people feel better, move better and BE better.

Hair Care for Active Lifestyles

Personal Care

  • Hustle Clean (aka Shower Pill) - Hustle Clean premium collection of antimicrobial and antibacterial products can clean, sanitize, and disinfect. Our Body Wipe active ingredient is FDA approved to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria.;

Physical Therapists

  • Fit Club - Fit Club was founded in 2015 by Dr. Kellen Scantlebury. His mission was to create the ultimate human performance facility in NYC. Check out this Sweat Fearlessly interview with Dr. Scantlebury.




Running Stores

Supplements, Recovery, Hydration

  • Become Nutrition - The line is formulated with the highest quality, hand-picked ingredients – each designed with a specific purpose to yield real, measurable results.
  • Go Deep - Our core line features three blends: POWER Protein Blend (energizing), RELAX (...relaxing), and ACTIVATE (you guessed it). Each has a special blend of adaptogenic herbs or roots, medicinal mushrooms, and naturally flavored collagen.
  • iON Performance - Natural body care for preparation and recovery from intense training, including body soaks, muscle rubs, and muscle sprays


  • BodyElevated - BodyElevated is building a fitness app that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you a hyper-personalized fitness program based on your unique body signature. 
  • FaithFueled Life App - Get daily devotions and workouts you can do at the gym or at home to help you honor your temple!
  • SWEAT Anywhere - SWEAT anywhere was founded as a way to support coaches across the world who lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic while providing a variety of safe, fun, & challenging workouts from top talent across the world. With this dynamic virtual platform consisting of 60 + live and recorded workouts, meditations, and nutrition sessions every month, you have no other place to go for all of your fitness activities. 
  • Sworkit - Sworkit is a premium digital health and fitness company providing workouts, customizable plans, and resources that allow people to adopt and maintain healthy habits for life.
    • Youth Initiative: Any teacher with a K-12 classroom, anywhere in the world, can get free access to Sworkit’s paid subscription service (available on Android, iOS, and the web). Teachers will have unlimited access to their extensive library of workouts. 

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