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As of January 2020, I have designed a rubric for the use of scoring fitness studios and classes. Here is the scoring rubric with an explanation for each category:

Studio Review Scoring Rubric

For the first time this year, I'm using an actual rubric to rate my studio experiences. I gathered feedback from my Instagram followers to learn what's of interest to them when they want to visit a new studio. 

Each category receives a score of 1-5 (highest-lowest), and the final score is based on the average of those numbers. 

The categories are Sweat Score (how challenging was the workout), cleanliness, friendliness of staff, lighting (was it hard to see, is there natural light), cost (how expensive is the workout, 5 being cheap and 1 being expensive), trial offer (5 meaning that they have a free first class, 1 meaning that you pay the same as a regular student, or more), equipment (quality), ability to understand the workout (did anyone explain what you would be doing before you started? Did it make sense during the workout?), and class offering variety (do they offer different types of classes?). If a studio receives a 4-5 score, that means that they rated very highly based on my rubric, and 1-2 means that I probably wouldn't recommend it.

You'll note that I didn't include music on this list, which might seem a little odd coming from an indoor cycling instructor. The reason I didn't include it is that it's not relevant to every workout I do. For example, I don't even really hear the music in a lot of the classes I take because they are not music-driven classes. An example would be an outdoor bootcamp or an Orangetheory class where you almost never even have a chance to hear music! I didn't think it would be fair to include this in the main scoring for this reason; however, for studios where it's relevant, I will add it in the extra section at the end.

Which studios have I reviewed?

All of the fitness studios listed below are located in DC, Maryland, and/or Virginia, unless otherwise noted. Some of these fitness studios are found around the US, while others are located solely in the DC Area.
  • Yoga
  • HIIT/Interval Training
  • Dance
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Online Studios/Apps
  • Pilates
  • Specialty
  • Gyms
  • Other


Sky House Yoga
Thrive Yoga

HIIT/Interval Training

9 Round (Rockville)


Vixen Workout
305 Fitness

Indoor Cycling



Online Studios/Apps

The Yoga Collective




Solidcore (Wildwood)
PULSE House of Fitness
LUMI FIT Transformations
Anabells Fitness


Sport and Health (Pike&Rose) - Full disclosure: I became a regular instructor at the gym in January 2019.


DC Bucket List
100 Ways I've Sweat Over the Last Year (2019)

Do you want me to come and check out your fitness studio, gym, and/or workout? Send me an email and let's get the conversation started!

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